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Air pollution monitoring technologies for urban areas



  • Home page:  home page of the AirMonTech database


  • Search:  full text search engine examines all the words provided by users in every single file stored in the database and in two fields filled in or assigned by Airmontech experts to each document. A concise title and an abstract of the document can be uploaded. Furthermore, users can easily drill down the database by clicking four specific categories (document type, pollutants and metrics, document language, supplier).
  • Advanced:  a set of filters is available in the database. Documents can be searched according to document types or by a unique code. Extra filters related to specific characteristics of each document type can be selected to refine the search results (e.g.: instrument types, pollutants and metrics, document language and country, producer, creation date, etc.).
  • Quick:  all document types are organized in a matrix and related to all pollutants/metrics available in database. A grid is available and it shows the total amount of documents related to a given pollutant/metric and a specific document type.
    Clicking on a specific pollutant/metrics automatically triggers a query in the database, which returns the total number of document types associated to that specific pollutant/metrics. In the same way, clicking on a specific document type returns the associated pollutants. Sliders at the top and bottom of the grid can be used to scroll the document types.


  • Disclaimer:  scope of legal notice, rights and obligations exercised and enforced by the AirMonTech consortium.
  • Consortium:  list of partners actively participating to the AirMonTech FP7 project.
  • Contacts:  contact form and main contacts related to the Airmontech database.

The project

AirMonTech AirMonTech is an EU FP7 project compiling information to harmonize current air pollution monitoring techniques and to advise on future monitoring technologies and strategy.

7th Framework Programme

7th Framework Programme AirMonTech is an European research project co-financed by the European Commission in the 7th Framework Programme


AirMonTech Consortium